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The issue of supply security is more relevant than ever in the pharmaceutical industry. Even before the start of the Corona pandemic, bottlenecks in vital medicines such as antibiotics increasingly came into focus. It's high time to take a closer look at this important topic. So we have decided to team up with leading experts in a new webinar series to look at the different challenges facing the production and processing of antibiotics.,mis malkova

At cock nude, we see it as our mission to provide you with the best possible support in the manufacture and processing of antibiotics in all dosage forms. We know that global supply security can only be achieved economically with the right technologies. That's why four of our sites have joined forces to develop a webinar series that gives you as complete an overview as possible: from liquids and powders to tablets and capsules, you will learn everything you need to know about the background and technologies related to antibiotic production in our new webinar series, starting in October 2021.,69 com hd